Mrs. Linda Profijt-del Prado graduated from Business College in 1974 and commenced employment with the Port of Paramaribo, N.V. Havenbeheer Suriname  in April 1985, having already had eleven (11 years) working experience at a large firm. She began her port career as Executive Secretary and was always eager to acquire knowledge to excel and keep abreast of developments within her working environment. In addition, her studies in Management Consultancy, Marketing, Port Management, Diplomacy and Business Relations, afforded Mrs. Profijt-del Prado a highly successful career. 

In 2000 Mrs. Profijt-del Prado was appointed Manager of Commercial Affairs and in 2013 Manager of Public and Foreign Affairs/HSEQ. As a member of the management team, she chaired steering committees when required, and was also responsible for the Company’s internal and external relations, the duties of which she executed diligently. 

Mrs. Profijt-del Prado is widely acknowledged for her organizational skills and when N.V. Havenbeheer Suriname became a member of PMAC in 2010, she represented the Port at PMAC meetings before her retirement in 2015 and subsequent appointment as consultant until 2020. Mrs. Profijt-del Prado currently serves as Executive Assistant of the PMAC Board having been appointed in 2015.