Orion Group Holdings

Orion Marine Group (Orion) is a leading heavy civil, marine, industrial concrete andengineering contractor providing a broad range of turnkey projects focusing mainly on the marine, civil, and specialty construction services on, over, and under the water, as well as onshore for major industrial and commercial applications along the Gulf Coast, the Atlantic Seaboard, Pacific and the Caribbean Basin. Services offered by Orion include marine transportation facility construction, dredging, bridge construction, marine pipeline installation, industrial concrete, and foundations, as well as special
operations including pile driving, drilled shafts, marine towing, demolition, excavation, salvage, and diving services including underwater inspection and repair. 

Orion Marine Group is a division of Orion Group Holdings, Inc., a publicly listed company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: ORN) which encompasses marine construction capabilities as well as turnkey commercial concrete services to light
commercial, structural, and industrial markets.