Sectus Technologies

Sectus Technologies is a Canadian company that provides security and infrastructure integrated solutions designed for the specific needs of clients throughout Canada, the Caribbean, Central America and South America. Sectus Technologies has offices across Canada, Barbados as well as Dominican Republic and service centers throughout the Americas.

Several members of the Sectus Technologies’ management team and professionals have more than 30 years of experience and offer an exceptionally high-quality service. All the equipment and technologies offered are the best on the market, provided by world-leading manufacturers. Sectus Technologies’ product lines address 6 markets: Airports, Ports and Borders, Correctional Services, Infrastructure, Military and Police and Event Security. With a decade of experience protecting Ports and Borders, Sectus Technologies has proven itself to be a reliable provider of X-Ray inspection, threat detection, explosives trace detection systems to facilitate greater throughput and heightened security simultaneously. Sectus Technologies leverages its innovative thinking and expert knowledge to provide turnkey solutions that facilitate traditional fiscal roles, such as collecting excise duties, while protecting local and regional safety interests on the
frontlines of trade, travel, and commerce. When it comes to advanced security technology solutions and exceptional service, Sectus Technologies stands as a trusted partner.